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We are, more than ever, in the technology era. 

The rapid pace of technological development, however, requires quick and secure reactions. 

The cost of being left behind is high, and the consequences are compounded as long as the necessary progress is not made. 

changed dramatically. This is accomplished by integrating technology into practically every facet of the curriculum and the operation of schools. 

Education and schools rely more and more on sensitive technological equipment like computers, printers, CCTV cameras, and more, for both operational and security purposes. 

Unfortunately, bothering IT and security problems often arise, frequently at inappropriate times, with possibly serious implications. 

But what are these problems and how can they be solved? 

Here are the 3+1 most common IT & Security problems in schools and how to solve them 

  1.  None or Outdated Security Equipment 

The installation of CCTV camera systems is one of the major security upgrades that a number of UK schools decided to make in recent years. In this way, both the overall safety of the school buildings and the protection of students and employees can be largely assured. 

However, several educational institutions, mostly because of reduced funding in the UK, either didn’t manage to install CCTV systems at all or installed them but did not upgrade them on time, resulting in serious malfunctions and breakdowns. 

The solution 

The installation of modern CCTV digital security systems has multiple advantages and can now be done at affordable prices. 

Such a security renewal can offer significant benefits like night vision technology, 5k High-Definition images and increased level of detection accuracy thanks to the deep learning AI with which the cameras’ software is equipped. Being able to control the cameras from a smart device, such as a mobile phone or tablet is an added incentive. 

The tip: It is really important to choose a reliable IT company that has experience in installing modern digital CCTV security systems in schools. Beyond installation, a reliable company and its professionals can properly train you in the use of those systems and be there for you whenever you need them. 

  1. Loss of Important data  

One of the most usual, costly and time-consuming IT problems that can occur in a school, is the loss of important files e.g. safeguarding information and exam data. Whether this is caused by an external factor, such as a short circuit or a natural disaster, or even caused by a human mistake, it can have a negative impact on the proper functioning of a school. 

The solution 

Disaster Recovery and Backup Services are a lifeline to a common and very annoying issue like data loss. 

On premises or cloud backup means that there is no reason to worry, even if there is a destruction of a server/computer as your old files can be brought back. 

Take advantage of an innovative solution and secure your files once and for all, avoiding the unwanted and stressful consequences of a damaging disaster. 

The tip: If handled incorrectly, effectively monitoring, administering backup and disaster recovery can be a drain on your IT resource and an extremely costly process. Working with the right IT specialists can help you save significant time and money while ensuring that the necessary processes are completed most safely. 

  1. Cabling & Networking Issues 

Modern education is based to a large extent on the use of the Internet. Every school uses the Network every day, both for teaching purposes and for operational reasons. 

Despite that, most schools do not have a properly installed cabling network. This results too often in Internet outages, downtimes, and issues with installed printers, copiers, scanners, and computers. 

If you have worked in a school, then it is almost certain that there were times when you felt overwhelmed by the number of cables running in and out of the system.  

The solution 

A properly structured cabling system can untie your hands and prove to be a lifesaver. CAT6A is a better solution for higher data transfer speeds. 

Especially when we have school buildings in mind, which consist of several classrooms and multiple devices, a correctly installed wiring system is considered to be essential. 

The tip: If you are looking for a complete and safe solution, which will ensure proper cabling networking between all the school premises and the devices included in them, then you should consider hiring an IT company with expertise in the installation of cabling systems. These IT architects will examine the structure of the building(s) and then proceed with the installation of an appropriate cabling network. 

  1. Slow IT Support Assistance When You Need It 

Based on what we ‘ve mentioned before and considering the large number of technological devices found in schools, we can understand that technical issues can often negatively interfere with every school’s effective operation.  

Most of the time these issues come at unwanted time periods, and need to be solved as soon as possible. 

Unfortunately, a large amount of UK schools, either do not work consistently with a specialised IT company or look for last-minute solutions from non-specialised people. 

This often leads to making a problem even bigger and more complicated. 

The solution 

Finding a reliable and specialised IT company in the education sector, with experienced and certified professionals, is probably the best move you could make. 

A continuous partnership with them can ensure direct IT support, whenever you need it. Always keep in mind that an IT company can provide you with immediate assistance, either in person or remotely, depending on your needs and the nature of the problem you are dealing with. 

The tip: Make sure that the IT company you choose to work with: 1) is a reliable company that has experience in the educational sector, 2) responds promptly to your callouts, and 3) is available to work at convenient times depending on the school’s schedule. 

In order to encourage appropriate learning, every school needs to have a suitable and secure learning environment. Given its critical role in every school’s effective and secure operation, technology deserves the proper consideration. 

Nowadays, all the ΙΤ and Security problems mentioned above, can be solved easily and affordably, especially if we turn to the right people. 

A reliable IT partner is always a wise choice.